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Misconceptions About Travel Agents: Pt 4

We've reached the final post of our series on busting common misconceptions about travel agents. Here we'll debunk the last one: Travel agents are impersonal.

Some people think that booking through a travel agent will make their travel less personal and authentic. They may think that travel agents will impose their own opinions and preferences on them and make them follow a rigid and generic itinerary. But that's just not true.

Travel agents are not just faceless entities who sell you products and services. They are real people who care about you and your travel goals. They will listen to your needs and wants to create a tailor-made itinerary that suits your personality and style. Most of them are doing this because they too love travel, which leads to them also being able to share their passion, stories, and tips with you. They make you feel like a friend rather than a customer.

Lastly, travel agents can also connect you with other travelers who share your interests and values. So don't let the lack of human touch stop you from booking with a travel agent. They can help you make your travel more personal and meaningful.
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